Types of Massage Chairs

1. Full Body Massage Chairs

The most common types of massage chairs are called Full Body massage chairs. These chairs do exactly what they’re known as. A full body massage. If you’re looking for something that will massage every part of your body for you as soon as you sit on it, look no further.

There are plenty of options in Full Body Massage Chairs out there. What kind of features they have and how they perform the massage depends on the brand and model you’re going for. Most full body massage chairs massage your neck, body, shoulders, calves and feet. The newer models even do the hands and arms. You will have to decide exactly what kind of chair you want and it also depends on your budget. If you can afford them, some of the more expensive models even allow for adjustments to be made and for you to specify exactly which parts of your body you want massaged.

2. Ottoman Massage Chairs

On the opposite end of the spectrum from full body massage chairs, we come to Ottoman massage chairs. Ottoman massage chairs are considered budget massage chairs and have been around for a long, long time. They’re the type of massage chair that almost anyone and everyone who is on a tight budget would be looking for.

Ottoman Massage Chairs are only slightly more expensive than normal chairs but offer the benefit of a comfy, relaxing massage chair while also being practical and occupying less space than most other massage chairs which take up quite some space in your house.

3. Heated Massage Chairs

Heat therapy is a thing and heated chairs are a thing too. Now you can’t really expect the Massage Chair market to not have a Heated Seating option, can you? It’s considered a luxury feature found in most high-end cars and in 5-star hotel rooms.

If you’re in the market for a chair that is tailor-made for comfort and relaxation, say, a massage chair then heated massage chairs are obviously going to catch your attention. Heat therapy is one of the best known forms of treatment for muscle tension and soreness. Heated Massage chairs will definitely help you with the same.

4. Air Massage Chairs

Air massage chairs function a bit differently compared to other massage chairs. They’re just as comfortable if not more and have quite a different experience to offer. Unlike regular massage chairs which use electronic massaging equipment, Air Massage chairs use a bunch of airbags which massage parts of your body that normal massage chairs wouldn’t otherwise be able to treat.

While most common massage chairs massage your neck, shoulders, calves and aim to relax your muscles, Air massage chairs massage your hands, arms, legs and feet. The result is a much softer massage experience as compared to massages offered by regular massage chairs with rollers. The airbags do a good job of performing a full body massage and helps you feel relaxed after intense activities like exercise and workout sessions.

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