Types of Desk Chairs

You’ll discover there are actually many different desk chairs you can invest in. Some of the most common are listed and described below.

Conference Chairs

Conference chairs are some of the most common forms of desk chairs. This type is a bit larger compared to other office chair models and leans slightly forward. This design is intended to help make the person sitting in it more engaged with meetings, hence its name. They have padding on the backrest and armrests as well as a lever on the bottom to adjust the height. While they have these features, these are very simple desk chairs, and because of this, they don’t have many additional features. They also might eventually become a little uncomfortable to sit in after a while.

Executive Chairs

This type of chair is intended for those who want to make an impression which is why many bosses and CEOs tend to have them in their office. Usually designed with leather and other high-quality materials, the backrest is packed with comfortable foam and also features padded armrests.

Executive chairs tend to have a curved backrest which is filled with pockets of foam. This can help to support all areas of your body, and thanks to the curvature, can prevent extreme back pain. However, if you’d like to change the angle of the backrest, executive chairs allow you to do so thanks to a back angle adjustment built into them.

Kneel Chairs

Kneel chairs are one of the most unique forms of desk chairs. To use it, you sit on its seat pad and then rest your knees on the front kneel pad while your legs go under the chair. It might sound a little strange to use at first, but it’s a helpful design nonetheless.

Kneel chairs tend to be a bit smaller compared to the average desk chair type and do not have armrests. The kneel pad on the front keeps one’s thighs lifted at a 60 to 70-degree angle to help provide better back support. This makes it a great option for those who often suffer from back pain to use because it helps to distribute your weight evenly. Besides back pain, kneel chairs can also help to promote circulation in your legs thanks to its angled front.

24 Hour Chairs

24 hour chairs are ideal for those who plan to sit long hours in their chair. They are usually designed with extra padding to provide supreme comfort and support and feature headrests and armrests. These chairs also have multiple wheels on the bottom which can help you to get around much easier. 24 hour chairs are very large so you need to make sure you have enough room in your office or workspace if you plan to use this type. In addition to being able to move around with it freely, it’s also very durable and is built to withstand heavy usage.

Computer Chairs

Computer chairs are intended to be used when one is on the computer for a few hours. Unlike 24 hour chairs, they are not meant to be sat on for long periods of time. However, despite this, the seating is still made with thick padding to help provide support for your back and legs. They feature a high backrest and can be adjusted thanks to a lever on the bottom. Computer chairs do feature wheels, but not as many as 24-hour chairs have so you’ll need to be careful when moving them around although this isn’t typically a problem.

Ergonomic Chairs

This type of chair comes with numerous levers under it which allow you to adjust the chair in multiple ways compared to other models that only allow you to move it up or down. Ergonomic chairs are designed to be used by all as it can be customized to fit one’s needs perfectly. You can tilt the chair forward to give knee support, tilt it back to give better back support, or lift the armrests up for shoulder support. Ergonomic chairs typically have an open design with the backrest attached to the seat pad with a plastic or metal arm on the back. This leaves your lower back exposed rather than enclosed like with a conference or computer chair.

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