Desk Chair Styles

You’ll find that desk chairs come in numerous styles which can make picking the right one a little difficult. It’s important to consider the type of style you want in one of these products before you move on to the type of desk chair you prefer.


A traditional desk chair style is often a very bulky option that’s made with materials like leather. This style usually is a basic one and has a lever under the seat pad and a few wheels on the bottom. It often looks like an actual chair but one that just has wheels on it.


A popular desk chair design today is the modern style. These often focus on curvature and lines and are compact. They also tend to use more metal pieces than other styles which can add a unique contrast to the type of fabric or material installed on it.


A mid-century desk chair highlights the designs of the 1950s and 1960s. It has a low back with small armrests built into the sides of the chair. It has basic features like wheels and an adjustment lever, but is mainly known for its compact and chic style.


The industrial style can often be seen in drafting chairs. They are built to have a high height adjustment and usually only have a small seat pad and backrest. There are no armrests, but sometimes they will have a footrest on the bottom. This style focuses on using metal and brown/gray color schemes.


True to its name, glamorous chairs use only the finest and trendiest materials. These chairs are usually covered in fur and have a solid backrest with high shoulders rather than armrests. In addition to this, glamorous chairs also usually use silver or gold on the bottom where the main metal structure attaches to the wheels.

Types of Armrests

There are actually two different armrests you’ll find when it comes to desk chairs: fixed and adjustable.

Fixed Armrests

Fixed armrests are ones built into the chair and can’t be adjusted. They are usually made of metal or a similar solid material and tend to be a little more secure than adjustable armrests. However, fixed armrests usually don’t have pads on them so they might be a little uncomfortable to use.

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable armrests are either attached to the seat pad or the middle of the backrest. They allow you to move the arms up or down to your desired preferences. While they are comfortable to use, thanks to their padding, they aren’t always the most secure and might feel a little flimsy. They also are only usually available on modern models.

Seat Pad Choices

As with armrests, you’ll find that desk chairs also have two different seat pad choices you’ll need to keep in mind. While they both can help to give you comfort and support, how they do so differ.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the most popular seat pad options because it’s durable and comfortable. The thickness of the memory foam in the seat pad will depend on the model you buy. Some models will have foam that only measures one inch wide while others can be substantially more. However, memory foam can eventually start to wear out and you might find it leaving behind indentations.


Gel seat pads are not common, but they are still sometimes used. Gel pads can help to provide better support compared to memory foam as it provides stronger security to the body because it relieves pressure points.

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